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Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide a full comprehensive spectrum of service that covers any customer needs

Product concept and R&D Assitance

Developing and building your initial concepts, Keen's help you to explore every potential aspect before delivering a fully functional and marketable product


Sample Preparation and performance testing

Based on your design concepts, Keen's create prototypes and pre-production samples for testing and manufacturing feasibility evaluation. We help you to create the most competitive products to hit any market

Incoming material inspection & warehouse control

Special care and attention is given to materials incoming inspection and warehouse control based on FIFO. At Keen's we ensure our products are of the highest quality materials, they must undergo thorough testing to reduce any extra expenses at later stages


Manufacturing & Production

No matter what your quality or production need is, our world-class sewing technology, engineering excellence and unparalleled manufacturing capabilities will deliver precisely the quality and quantity as required

Product inspection and Performance Testing

We emphasize on Incoming Quality Control IQC at all production levels. Specific testing on functionality will be applied on most products. Keen's provide uncompromising quality plus the expertise to meet the most precise specifications



Keen's provide stylish, robust and cost-effective packaging solutions

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